Maltese terrier hunting dog bio

maltese terrier hunting dogThe Maltese terrier hunting dog was created in Italy a long time ago, most likely from miniature spaniels and miniature poodles. Because they were first recognized as an official breed in Malta, they took the name of the country as their breed name. For anyone wanting a royal dog, this may be the one for you. Records have it that royalty and refined women in the 1800’s used to carry them around in their sleeves and sleep with them in their beds for warmth and protection.

This dog is very intelligent, playful, very affectionate as well as trusting and gentle. The Maltese can learn tricks easily and is a good watchdog. These traits make it an ideal companion dog for women the world over.

Like many small dogs, the trick is to train the Maltese regularly and set boundaries so that they don’t dominate the house. If they do, house training, separation anxiety and guarding may occur. In extreme cases nipping of strangers and children can also occur as an extension of guarding and jealousy.

Note this is inherently a gentle dog, and these extreme negative behaviours only occur when boundaries are not enforced (such as allowing the dog to sleep on your bed).

The Maltese coat is single layer and usually white of ivory. If allowed to grow, it will reach the ground. The hair hangs straight down without kink or wave which helps to reduce the matting.

Maltese dog size: 21 – 25 cm, weight 3-4 kg

Maltese dog grooming: As the coat can grow very long it requires DAILY combing and brushing. However care must be taken as the coat is soft and can pull and break moderately easily. Because of the usual light coat color, eye and beard staining can occur, so regular cleaning of tears and saliva is recommended if you wish to prevent coat staining to a darker color. These are a non shedding dog

They can be washed up to once a week and their ears should be kept clean and plucked. Some people like to tie their head hair into a top knot, however this can be kept short to keep it out of the Maltese’s eyes.