Miniature Schnauzer Hunting dog

schnauzer miniMiniature Schnauzer

The origins are German. The breed type only started to stabilize around 1900 when selective breeding was taken seriously so that smooth German Pinscher and coarse-haired Schnauzer pups would not appear in the same schnauzer litter. These first distinct schnauzers (sans German pincer genes) became what we now know to be the standard schnauzer (the largest of the three schnauzer sizes).

Miniature Schnauzers were created by crossing small Standard Schnauzers and the Affenpinscher with the Poodle.

Miniature schnauzer as a hunter

While it was originally a farm dog use for removing rats, it is most commonly used today as a companion dog. Though they still retain all of the skills developed over centuries (note similarity to the poodle skill set) of:

  • hunting,
  • tracking,
  • ratter,

Like many dogs that have not been used as a farm dog for a while breeders concentrate on their companionship behaviors.

So while originally a great ratter like the jack russell, they are now not bred to perform as a terrier, hence they have a lot lower level of ‘hunting ability’ compared to the rest of the terrier group.

Non hunting mini schnauzer skill set: watchdog, competitive obedience, and learning tricks.

In look these are a small sturdy little dog. They are intelligent, loving and happy just like the poodle and get on well with strangers and children IF SOCIALISED regularly. It seems that sometimes at an age past two, or due to people not taking them for regular walks, that they can easily become aloof and disinterested in other dogs.

While smart they can also become stubborn with training and need the settings of strong consistent boundaries. If the owner does not show the miniature schnauzer they are in control, they may get poor recall and consistent low howling for a bark. Guarding, separation anxiety, nervousness and aggression towards larger dogs can also occur.

Miniature Schnauzer size: 30-36 cm, 5-7 kg

Miniature Schnauzer grooming: The mini schnauzer has a double coat consisting of a wiry outer coat and a soft undercoat. Groomers usually trim the dog close to the body except for the beard, eyebrows and sometimes legs. Coat colors come in white, black, salt and pepper, and silver and black.

While the miniature schnauzers wiry coat is easy to groom, it can also become easily tangled unless brushed daily. If grooming is sporadic and clipping is long, some areas may need to be cut out. They are typically cut at least twice a year in autumn and spring. Like poodles, for aesthetics, visibility and health they often have hair removed from the eyes and hair plucked from the ears.

With very little shedding this dog is excellent for allergy suffers or people wishing to maintain a clean house.