Dog treats

dog-treatsI have previously posted on this site about the value of good nutrition and dog food for hunting dogs, but that seems to have gotten lost among all the dog breed profiles I have made.

If you train your hunting dog to point, chase, kill or retrieve ANIMALS, you may get a sense that MEAT is the most ideal ingredient for your dog to eat.

So riddle me this _ WHY on god’s green earth are you feeding your dogs any grain?  You may not be, and good for you, but as 95% plus of the population feed their dogs commercial dog food you might be one of those people feeding your dog 20% meat.

I am pretty sure that the animals your dogs are trying to catch are 100% meat or meat connected product.  There is very little grain in them except for some that your dog might accidentally consume in the preys stomach.

So again if this is so, why do dog food makers make dog food with VERY cheap grain.  The answer is in the capitalized word in the last sentence.  But if you love and value your dog and its hunting ability, you know in your heart of hearts that it will do better on meat.  Why don’t you feed your dog meat as its major meal?

Well for the average dog owner, they have been brainwashed that raw meat is bad for your dog (a commercial company lie) and that grain is as good as meat.  The truth is that grain can supply some of the protein and its essential amino acids  BUT they are not as easy for your dog to digest and use – meaning that your dog works overtime trying to digest its daily meals.

People find it very convenient to feed their dog grain based pellets.  You buy it in bulk, you get it from the supermarket, if it spills on the floor there is very little mess.  Its all about making your job easy and maximizing profits for the company selling you the cheap food, at a higher price.

Why meat dog treats

So this is where I make a pitch for you giving your dog MEAT dog treats.

While meat based dog food is VERY expensive or non-existent, you can find meat based dog treats around. Not necessarily in your supermarket, but online and at good dog stores.

Inherently you know dogs have chased prey ever since they were wolves.  You know that they are geared to perform best on meat, but its hard to break habits of buying dog food in pellet form.

I get that and that is why I advocate hunters in particular hunt down meat based dog treats. Meat, offal and bones, all the stuff that animals are composted of.  If you hunt regularly and kill your own meat, and dry it safely and store it then you are well ahead of the curve. You won’t need to be buying dog treats regularly.  But I know many hunters are seasonal or just can’t get away from their day job that regularly. You can easily find local australian pet treats stores online.

If you don’t believe any of this, then use google to look for meat and dogs and nutrition. Avoid the snow job of the main dog food companies, and understand that they use splitting to make it look like there is more meat in their packs than there really is.  Look for raw feeding articles and make your own mind up ..   because hunting dogs deserve the best in dog nutrition either in dog food or via dog treats !