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west highland terrier

west highland terrier

West Highland Terrier

Another terrier that has a interesting start in life. Originally this dog was a Cairn Terrier’s white pups. While not a rare event, it was decided to breed these pups into their own breed line in the 19th century. They were also originally known as Poltalloch Terrier from Poltalloch ( Scotland ), before becoming the Roseneath Terrier, then the West highland WHITE terrier or White Terrier as it is both known today.

Essentially being a white coloured Cairn terrier, this dog was extensively used in vermin control such as rats, fox, badger and otter.

The west highland terrier is a sturdy easy to train dog, friendly with strangers and good with children. As long as you are as strong leader, they make a great family dog, never initiating a fight with other dogs. A spirited dog that loves companionship is why this dog is often used as a home watchdog.

This working dogs origins means that it needs adequate daily exercise. Its energy and curiosity will delight all family members, but remember to challenge its mind too if you want to keep your dog happy. An independent streak means that while friendly all children should be supervised when paying with them, as they learn to respect the westies moods. From its vermin chasing days, it will love to chase cats or anything that moves, so be sure to use a good leash on them

From its terrier origins when bored or agitated it can revert to digging and barking behaviors that need correction.

West Highland Terrier Size: 25-30 cm, 6-9 kg

West Highland Terrier   Grooming: The westie has a DOUBLE coat that is straight. The outer coat is a hard coast about 5 cm long with the undercoat being soft dense hair. Because of its origins, you will only find a westie as a pure solid white dog.

While the long outer coat is fairly easy to maintain, ideally it should be brushed daily with a stiff bristle brush to get the best out of it. Brushing reduces tangles and keeps the coat clean, alleviating the need for frequent baths. If they do get dirty, remember it is a double coat that you need to wash and dry. Trim around the eyes and ears as necessary.

Every four months it is suggested to give the coat a tidy up trim with professional stripping of the coat recommended twice a year.