The boston terrier comes from great fighting and hunting stock

boston_terrierBoston Terrier is one of the flavours of the month across America and Australia, with very high Google search numbers. It is ironic that this cute peaceful medium sized dog is the result of breeding down from pit fighting American dogs such as bull terrier and other terriers.

They are the cross of the English Bulldog and the English White Terrier (extinct), with a little bit of French Bulldog thrown in. This resulted in the 20kg ‘Olde Boston Bulldogge’ back in the 1860’s in Boston Massachusetts.

They came about by the rich folk of Boston, breeding their employees fighting dogs into something more placid that they could have around the house.

After its fighting dog heritage, it is hard to imagine how breeders have breed the aggression out of the breed and left the gentle intelligent dog we see today. In this case while the aggression has gone, when not walked enough or socialized they tend on the side of becoming noisy and high strung. Their high intelligence makes them easy to train but without regular excursions or well enforced rules will quickly try and take over the house.

Due to their sensitivity, they require a firm but gentle training. Consistency and a regular schedule makes for a well satisfied dog. They have a varied watchdog ability as they are very friendly with children and strangers alike. This friendliness extends to protracted play periods and a desire to be with the family.

The only down side seems to be a slight difficulty in house breaking and a potential to fight other dogs if not trained and socialized well.

Boston Terrier size: 38 – 43 cm, weight 4 – 11 kg

Boston Terrier grooming: they have a short fine coat that comes in the colors of white, black, seal and brindle. Because of the short and smoothness of the coat it is very easy to look after. Comb and brush and wash as necessary. The main thing to look for is cleaning around the eyes and ears

The short, smooth and does not shed much at all, but is not a classical Non shedding coat . A good brushing every few days is all that your Boston will require. However if you don’t brush it, you may have to end up cutting out tangles!