Nova Scotia Duck Toller BIRD DOG, gun dog, water dog hunt skills

nova scotia duck toller dog

nova scotia duck toller dog

Nova Scotia Duck Toller HUNTING dog ways

For anyone with an interest in geography it should come as a surprise that the Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever originates from Canada (Nova Scotia). The ‘ Tolling Red Decoy Dogs” were crossed with retrievers and spaniels of the hunting variety.

Tolling is a word that means LURING – and hence this DUCK dog lures ducks into areas where hunters with guns can drop the birds and the duck toller can retrieve them for them.

The evolution of the breed is completely credited to Canadian hunters and breeders who worked hard to get a duck loving dog that could endure really cold weather and participate in the hunters game.

From the blind (concealed hunting spot) near the shore, a hunter will throw a stick parallel to the shoreline and the duck tolling dog, without barking will vigorously retriever it. The hunting game, is to do this as many times as it takes to get duck curious about the dog rushing through the water so they approach the shoreline within reach of the hunters gun.

In this way the dog doesn’t actively point or do any standard tasks that most hunting dogs do, but acts as a form of attraction or decoy from what is really about to happen. Naturally before the hunter shoots, he recalls the dog back to the safety of the blind. Once shot the duck toller takes on the traditional retrieval role.

It is perhaps for its tangential role in the hunt that these hunting breed dogs are often one of the meekest and happiest of hunting dogs – they don’t actively get excited about the blooding, the whole hunt is just a vigorous game of fetch for them !

Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever Around the home

I have had considerable experience with this breed, and although they do very well in cold climates (great coat) they can shed this considerably and do ok in warmer climates. However I would humbly suggest that most of Texas is way too hot for these dogs, particularly in a hunting fashion.

With the appearance and size of a small golden retriever, these dogs often go unrecognized for their breed in the street.

Medium to heavy boned and a great swimmer this dog naturally enjoys its work and the exercise that hunting gives it, so if you are using this as a domestic dog, remember to socialize and walk it off lead daily. These dogs make great family pets, however lack of socialization and exercise like many dogs will make them cranky and prone to put on weight with the ensuing health issues. These dogs are often more shy around strangers than with their immediate family, unless socialized regularly.