Norfolk terrier & Norwich Terriers BIO

norfolk_terrier hunting dogNorfolk Terrier & Norwich terriers

Like many terriers, the Norfolk terrier was created in East Anglia, England.

One of the most confusing thing about this terrier is the origin of its name.

Norfolk Terriers have been known by different names over the years:

  • called Cantab Terriers when Cambridge University students owned them
  • Trumpington Terriers, after a street in the area where the breed
  • Jones Terriers, first exporter to United States.
  • In 1932, the English Kennel Club called them Norwich Terriers

And as you know from the previous article Norwich Terriers and Norfolk Terriers are the same dog (same DNA) – the classification just denotes ear shape – Norwich Terriers ears are upright, and Norfolks are folded down.

Note the Norfolk terrier and the Norwich terrier were both considered slightly different versions of the Norwich Terrier. The only discernible difference was in their EAR TYPE! So the powers that be decided (in UK in 1964) that rather than keep only one ear type, or to allow two types (apparently bad for dog shows) they would classify the Norfolk terrier as a new breed.

How do you tell the difference? The NORWICH TERRIER has small perked ears that are roundish in shape, while the NORFOLK TERRIER has dropped ears that are slightly angular!

Norfolk Terrier & Norwich Terrier size: 25 cm, weight 4 to 6 kg

Norfolk Terrier & Norwich Terrier grooming: They have a single thick waterproof coat. It is wiry and straight and grows from 2 to 5 cm long. Coat colors are tan, black, red, wheaten, grizzle with or without dark points.

While the coat rarely needs to be clipped it does need daily brushing and combing to keep it tangle free. Shampoo only when quite dirty as this will remove the oils that give it the waterproof effect.

Note that these terriers are light shedders.  That is often the main reason that urban families get this dog.