Chacy Ranior or schichon not so much a hunter any more

chacy raniorChacy Ranior (schichon)

The Chacy Ranior was known as the schichon up until 2005.

It is developed from many breeds: Bichon FriseHavanese, Lhasa ApsoMaltesePoodle, Shih-TzuYorkshire TerrierMiniature Schnauzer.

As you can see it is usually considered a cute fluffy dog. Its personality traits are that it is stable, playful, alert, smart and curious. As long as they are trained and exercised they make an excellent family pet. Like many small dogs, they will soon try an take over the leadership role in the house if not trained, and will end up with small dog syndrome (dominance, barking, food guarding etc).

There speed and agility has made them rank high in agility trials.

Its intelligence and other aspects means that they only respond to positive reward training – not negative or physical abuse. If handled harshly they can become aggressive or withdrawn. Without proper training they can also become nuisance barkers, which is originally intended to alert owners to threats of property.

They love to play and are very active requiring considerable exercise.

Chacy Ranior sizes: Height 23-31 cm, weight 7-9 Kg

Chacy Ranior grooming: The Chacy Ranior (schichon) has a soft dense outer coat and an insulating undercoat. They come in one of the most extensive range of dog colours: tan, , black and tan, liver, liver & white, apricot, white, black, brindle.

Like many non shedding dogs, the Chancy Ranior requires regular grooming. If you are not showing the dog, it is recommended to clip them short for easier maintenance of their coat that can easily become matted. They shed very little hair and are hypo allergenic.