Australian Terrier dog hunting breed

AustralianSilky_terrier dogAs the name suggests, this is a dog that originated in Australia. Its pedigree goes back to 1868 Melbourne, Australia. However it was not recognized as an official breed until 1933. It is believed that the breed may be the result of up to five or more terrier breeds, however of course its lineage and breeding relationships have been closely monitored for the eighty years since recognition.

While the Australian Terriers are one of the smallest breeds of Terriers, they are also a great watchdog and can perform well in tracking animals and agility tasks at shows.

One of the more novel characteristics of the Aussie terriers coat is that it is quite rough and weatherproof. It usually hangs 5 to 10 cm from the body and comes in the colours of red, sandy, dark / silvery blue.

Like most terriers, the Australian terrier is energetic and playful, often considered as a big dog in a small dog’s body. Tenaciousness and affection in equal quantities, and easily trained (more than almost any other terrier) and good at learning tricks. However they need solid discipline due to their self reliant nature, and hunting origins.

Australian Terrier sizes: 23-28 cm, weight 4-6 Kg.

Australian Terrier Grooming: The non shedding stiff long coat is very low maintenance and does not require clipping. Because it is waterproof, there is a tough wiry outer coat, and a much softer undercoat. Brushing twice a week keeps this coat in good condition, just be wary of tangles in the undercoat that if left untended may need to be cut out.

Judges and people in general usually consider a good looking coat to be a result of how strong its luster is. While brushing increases the natural oils in the Aussie Terrier’s coat, washing more than once a month can strip these and make the coat dull. Be sure to brush the coat while it dries to avoid tangles. Feeding your dog the required dose of Omega 3, or fish can help in maintaining a shiny healthy coat.

It is also suggested that you trim hair from around the face as required by either scissors or an electric trimmer and you may consider plucking the coat to thin it out every three months or so.

While this is a low shedding, friendly low maintenance dog, it still has high exercise requirements.  If not walked daily and socialized, its propensity to chase other dogs can turn into higher aggression levels that considered polite in the dog park.