Chinese Crested almost hunting dog

chinese crestedThis is not a traditional hunting dog and currently because of their small size is listed in the toy category.

These unique looking dogs come in two varieties the hairless and the powder puff. Except for health and grooming requirements they are very similar dogs, but for this articles sake we will discuss the hairless variety specifically. The hairless version is in fact hairless except for its feet, head and tail.

The Chinese crested dogs originated from Africa where they were known as African Hairless Terriers. This breed is an ancient breed harking back to the Aztecs who used them as bed-warmers and for food. They managed to remain a fairly well known breed until the 20th century when lack of interest had them de-listed until 1991.

While these dogs come from great hunting stock, their ability to hunt and lack of hair has made them a companion dog for along time

The Chinese crested while rare, is the most popular of the hairless breeds owing much to their loving personality and playful nature. Like whippets they are also agile, alert and playful. Ironically while babying terriers tends to make them unstable and more dominant, if the Chinese crested is not socialized or trained with rigor they can become quite timid. Socialization means daily interaction with dogs, it is also highly recommended to provide exposure to loud noises and activity while young to desensitize them.

Chinese Crested dogs are good with children and can learn tricks easily. Usually they do not bark, but their athleticism and boredom can see them become prodigious climbers and diggers. Like many other small dogs, lack of discipline and training can lead to instability behavors such as growling, guarding and biting.

They also gain weight easy, which is another good reason for daily long walks/ outdoor plays. Health wise the hairless crested can have tooth loss and decay. A large number of this breed are also allergic to wool and lanolin.

Chinese Crested size: 28- 32 cm, 4 to 5 kg

Chinese Crested grooming: Like other hairless dogs, they are prone to sunburn so need cover, sunscreen lotion or coats when outside. The good news is that they are generally an odorless dog.

Like other hairless dogs, they require more frequent bathes, up to two per week. Dog friendly Oil and moisturizing cream should then be rubbed into their skin to maintain health skin. One good aspect of their skin is that they are not excessively prone to fleas.